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About Dr. Magovern

Dr. Ashley Magovern - Manhattan DermatologyDr. Ashley Magovern is a board-certified dermatologist who earned her M.D. from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She completed her medical internship at Stanford University, and her dermatology residency at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she was elected to serve as chief resident. She spent two years in the dermatology department at UC San Francisco conducting skin research, and completed a one-year fellowship at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, working with a leader in pediatric dermatology. Before opening her private practice in Manhattan Beach, CA, she worked alongside world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad at the Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group. Dr. Magovern is also the author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

In addition to treating her Manhattan Dermatology patients with skill and a smile, Dr. Magovern is thrilled to serve as the medical director of, where she uses her exceptional knowledge of skin care products to help people choose their perfect, personal skin care regimen. She regularly contributes to online articles, gives insight into skin conditions, and provides comprehensive, non-biased reviews. Deeply passionate about skin care, Dr. Magovern's ultimate goal is to help you feel confident in your skin.

Raised right here in the South Bay, Dr. Magovern had always dreamed of opening her own dermatology practice to serve the skin care needs of her very own community. Today she lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband, an orthopaedic surgeon whom she met in medical school, and her two daughters.


  • 2010-present: Manhattan Dermatology, Manhattan Beach, CA
    • Owner + Founder
    • General + Cosmetic Dermatologist
  • 2010-present:
    • Medical Director
  • 2008-2010: Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group, El Segundo, CA
    • Associate General + Cosmetic Dermatologist


  • Providence Little Company of Mary, Torrance, CA


  • 2003-2007: University of Illinois, Chicago
    • Residency in Dermatology
    • Chief Resident during final year
  • 2002-2003: Stanford University Hospital
    • Internship in Internal Medicine


  • 2007: Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology


  • California


  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • American Society of Dermatologic Surgery
  • Women's Dermatologic Society
  • Society for Pediatric Dermatology
  • Pacific Dermatologic Association
  • Calderm California Society of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery


  • 1997-2001: Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC
    • MD received in May 2001, Cum Laude
  • 1996-1997: Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC
    • MS in Physiology & Biophysics, Graduated with Distinction
  • 1991-1995: University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
    • BS in Physiology, Magna Cum Laude.
    • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society


  • 2003-2004: Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
    • Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Dermatology
    • Research focused on atopic dermatitis and the "atopic march".
  • 2001-2002: University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
    • Basic Science & Clinical Research, Department of Dermatology
    • Research focused on inflammatory diseases and the epidermal skin barrier
    • Clinical research focused on disorders of cornification, the family of ichthyosiform disorders


  • 2002: Poster Award, Society for Investigative Dermatology
  • 2002: First Place Award for Poster Session, Society for Pediatric Dermatology
  • 2002: Alvin Jacobs Research Award, Society for Pediatric Dermatology


  • Dr. Magovern is credited using her maiden name, Fowler, in the following papers:
  • Hernandez C, Fowler A, Gandhi M. Multiple lesions of focal cutaneous mucinosis in a teenager. Skinmed, Nov-Dec 2007; 6(6):301-3
  • Fowler AJ, Chamlin SL. Hemangiomas of Infancy, CME Dermatology Quiz. The Child's Doctor, Journal of Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago, Spring Issue 2004, 29-30.
  • Mao-Qiang M, Fowler AJ, Schmuth M, Lau P, Chang S, Brown BE, Moser AH, Michalik L, Desvergne B, Wahli W, Li M, Metzger D, Chambon PH, Elias PM, Feingold KR. Peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-gamma activation stimulates keratinocyte differentiation. J Invest Dermatol 123(2): 305-12, 2004.
  • Moskowitz DG, Fowler AJ, Heyman MB, Cohen SP, Crumrine D, Elias PM, Williams ML. Pathophysiologic basis for growth failure in children with ichthyosis: an evaluation of cutaneous ultrastructure, epidermal permeability barrier function and energy expenditure. J Pediatr 145(1): 82-92, 2004
  • Schmuth M, Haqq CM, Cairns WJ, Holder JC, Dorsam S, Chang S, Lau P, Fowler AJ, Chuang G, Moser AH, Brown BE, Mao-Qiang M, Uchida Y, Schoonjans K, Auwerx J, Chambon P, Willson TM, Elias PM, Feingold KR. Peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor (PPAR)-beta/delta stimulates differentiation and lipid accumulation in keratinocytes. J Invest Dermatol 122(4): 971-83, 2004.
  • Fowler AJ, Moskowitz DG, Wong A, Cohen SP, Williams ML, Heyman MB. Nutritional status and gastrointestinal structure and function in children with ichthyosis and growth failure. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 38(2): 164-9, 2004.
  • Sugarman JL, Fluhr JW, Fowler AJ, Bruckner T, Diepgen TL, Williams ML. The objective severity assessment in atopic dermatitis (OSAAD) score: An objective measure utilizing permeability barrier function and stratum corneum hydration, with computer-assisted estimates for extent of disease. Arch Dermatol 139(11):1417-22, 2003.
  • Kao JS, Fluhr JW, Man MQ, Fowler AJ, Hachem JP, Crumrine D, Ahn SK, Brown BE, Elias PM, Feingold KR. Short-term glucocorticoid treatment compromises both permeability barrier homeostasis and stratum corneum integrity: inhibition of epidermal lipid synthesis accounts for functional abnormalities. J Invest Dermatol 120(3):456-64, 2003.
  • Fowler AJ, Sheu MY, Schmuth M, Kao J, Fluhr JW, Rhein L, Collins JL, Willson TM, Mangelsdorf DJ, Elias PM, Feingold KR. Liver-X-receptor activators display anti-inflammatory activity in irritant and allergic contact dermatitis models: liver-X-receptor specific inhibition of inflammation and primary cytokine production. J Invest Dermatol 120(2):246-55, 2003.
  • Chamlin SL, Kao J, Frieden IJ, Sheu MY, Fowler AJ, Fluhr JW, Williams ML, Elias PM. Ceramide-dominant barrier repair lipids improve childhood atopic dermatitis: changes in barrier function provide a sensitive indicator of disease activity. J Amer Acad Dermatol 47(2):198-208, 2002.
  • Fowler AJ, Sheu MY, Kao J, Elias PM, Feingold KR. Topical PPAR-alpha activators reduce inflammation in irritant and allergic contact dermatitis models. J Invest Dermatol 118(1):94-101, 2002.
  • Komuves LG, Schmuth M, Fowler AJ, Elias PM, Hanley K, Man MQ, Moser A, Lobaccaro JA, Williams ML, Mangelsdorf DJ, Feingold KR. Oxysterol stimulation of epidermal differentiation is mediated by LXR-beta in murine epidermis. J Invest Dermatol 118(1):25-34,2002.
  • Chamlin SL, Frieden IJ, Fowler AJ, Williams ML, Kao J, Sheu MY, Elias PM. Ceramide-dominant barrier repair lipids improve childhood atopic dermatitis, letter. Arch Dermatol 137:1110-12, 2001.
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