Skin Cancer + Mohs Surgery

Annual Body Skin Checks,
Are Extremely Important!

Melanoma is the potentially deadly form of skin cancer—it is the number one form of cancer in young adults aged 25-29.

If caught early, it has a near 100% cure rate. Basal cell carcinomas (or BCCs) are the most common form of skin cancer and something that we see on a daily basis. These skin cancers are not life threatening and most can be treated easily in the clinic—but it’s important to catch them early. To learn more about skin cancer, a great resource is the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Beginning in your twenties, annual total body skin checks are an essential part of your preventative health care regimen.

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Dr. Magovern’s Quick Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer

  • Parents of Little Ones: you can’t neglect yourself in the morning. Before going to the park, a playdate, or for a walk—you must apply sunscreen! Most important during those summer days, try to put sunscreen on before you leave the house (especially on the kiddos) so it doesn’t get washed off so easily in the pools or at the beach. You should have to rub it in pretty well—otherwise you are not using enough.
  • Men: don’t forget your head and ears. We see lots of skin cancers here.
  • Apply sunscreen daily to the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Make it part of your morning routine. There are excellent sunscreens on the market today. You can no longer use the excuse of it feeling sticky and thick!
  • Do not deliberately tan. Don’t lie in the sun for hours down at 42nd Street like I did growing up. Buy a good umbrella, canopy, or tent. Start a new trend with your friends.
  • Avoid tanning booths. No discussion. There are plenty of great self-tanning products and sprays available—use those if you want some color (a favorite of mine is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse).
  • Avoid blistering sunburns. It’s not a rite of passage anymore. They definitely increase your chance for developing skin cancer.
  • Remember, pale is the new tan. Embrace your natural glow.

Mohs Surgery + Skin Cancer Surgery

Mohs surgery is a specialized tissue-sparing surgery performed by specialty-trained dermatologists. It is indicated for skin cancers on the head and neck and larger skin cancers on the body. To ensure clear borders, each piece of tissue is examined microscopically by the Mohs surgeon during the procedure. Mohs surgery is performed in the office, is convenient and effective. We are lucky and honored to have Dr. Malcolm Ke perform our Mohs surgery at ModernSkinMD. He is also an expert in excisions of melanoma, cysts, lipomas and other lumps and bumps.


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